What Will Baby G Be?

by Lauryn on February 4, 2014 in Personal

You may or may not know this… but Jared and I did not find out the sex of our baby!  Jared has always wanted to not know, and even though I am the Queen of Finding Things Out Before I Should, I agreed and we don’t have a clue!  Not a single one of our friends thought we would be able to do this.  Well, no one thought *I* would be able to do this.  I love to read the ends of books before finishing them (I always still finish them!!), I cannot wait to open gifts on the day they are supposed to be opened, and in general do not like being surprised when its the kind of surprise you know is coming.  A surprise party?  Sure, thats a REAL surprise.  But, a gift?  That’s not a surprise.  You know its there.  Just sitting there.  Taunting you.  So, no one really had any faith in me about this!  But, we stuck it out and I am really excited to have Jared announce what little Baby G is at the birth!! Should be a really special moment.

I thought it would be fun to have a little poll for people to guess the sex of Baby G!

I am technically due on February 10th, but as everyone knows that is just a guess and I could go early or late. We shall see when He/She decide to arrive!

Questions that we have gotten a lot, that is a bit surprising actually, is how we decorated the nursery, how we bought clothes, etc… We basically restricted ourselves from overtly Pink or Purple items, and then picked what we liked! Girls can wear blue!! We don’t have a dresser full of yellow and green, I promise! :-) If we have a Girl, I have some head bands and bows picked out to order. Easy peasy. Here is a peek into the nursery. We wanted it to feel like a kids playroom, not really “baby-ish.” We love it so much! It’s not finished just yet, but I will be sure to share when it is!