Top 5 Newborn Items

by Lauryn on July 29, 2014 in Personal

When I was pregnant I loved looking at lists.  I wanted to feel prepared and looking at what others had suggested was so intriguing to me.  Some of it made perfect sense, some items seemed ridiculous, and some were surprising.  I thought I would share 5 items that I think most all parents would benefit from. Truly I think these items will make those first 3 months go better than they would without them.

Jared and I are pretty simplistic.  Our house is not large, and with it being almost 100 years old, we have 2 closets. When making this short list, I wanted the items to be something every parent could really use.  The truth is you do not need much.  
Let’s save the best for last and start with #5…


The 5 S’s.  You will figure out quickly which one(s) your baby likes.
1. Swaddle
Babies love to be swaddled. Most all of them love to be swaddled all the way up to their neck. Some babies prefer an arm out, or both out. Try swaddling completely first, and if they fight it after several tries, pop an arm out.
2. Side
Hold the baby like a football perpendicularly to the floor, or parallel with the floor on their belly.
3. Shush
This one (and swaddling) are like magic. Shhhhhh REALLY LOUDLY directly into your baby’s ear.
4. Swing/Sway
Hold the baby however you can/like and swing your body back and forth or sway side to side.
5. Suck
Either on a paci, finger, or the direct food source!

swaddle 2Aden and Anais swaddle blankets may seem a little pricey but they are SO worth it. Have a nurse to teach you how at the hospital.  Wrap that baby TIGHT.  If you have a houdini, but you know they sleep better and feel better with a swaddle, do the double swaddle.  Swaddle in the blanket, and them zip them into the Woombie. We swaddled Mac for sleeping until he was about 4 months old.

Ahhhh the Sound Machine.  This one is crucial.  For the baby, and maybe even more so for you.  If you are taking shifts with your husband or wife, having the sound machine on while the off duty parent sleeps will help them to actually SLEEP.  They won’t hear the crying!  It will also help you sleep while the baby is sleeping.  Babies make a lot of weird noises at first.  It may sound like they are choking, but they aren’t. They are just adjusting to breathing outside the womb. c26-B0045I6IAO-2-l

Even if you are breastfeeding, get a paci.  I know all the books tell you to not do this.  JUST in case, have one on hand.  14583529_201306281120

My NUMBER ONE baby item: the Rock n Play.  GET THEE A ROCK N PLAY! There are no negatives here.  It’s lightweight.  Its super portable.  It collapses for easy storage.  It keeps the baby upright for sleeping to help reduce reflux.  You can rock it with your foot.  Some of them have a vibration button.  Its a safe place to put the baby down while you try to brush your teeth.  Its affordable.  Mac slept in this for the first 6 weeks.  We did a slow transition to the crib, but we still use it to this day!  If I need to do the dishes, Mac goes in the RnP.  If I need to pee, RnP.

Bonus item!!43585042707493p_isSleep gowns (or Footed Zip Up Sleepers) with hand flaps.  These make diaper changes so easy!  The hand flaps are essential because trying to cut a newborn’s nail is like playing Operation. If you can’t find enough clothes with hand flaps, use baby socks in a pinch!

So there you have it, my Top 5 Newborn Items (with a Bonus!)  Agree?  Disagree? I hope this is helpful to someone out there!