Tis the season.

by Lauryn on December 3, 2010 in Business,Personal

The leaves have all fallen.  The green of the grass is fading.  And there is a bitter chill in the wind.  Its winter.  Well, maybe not techinically winter just yet, but its pretty darn close to it.  Atleast thats how I feel today.  Everything is kind of gray.

There is alot less going on during this time in a photographer’s life, or so it seems to me.  I know this is a great time to reflect, refocus, renew.  Work on marketing, organize, create a new workspace, and general catching up.  And I am planning on doing those things.  As much as I possibly can.  But it doesnt mean I wont miss all the color, liveliness, and joy of the “wedding season.”  I love that so much.  I miss it.  My next wedding is in March of next year.  So I have four months to prepare for the coming season.  I have always felt a little cheesy posting my goals in January.  Because then it gets lumped into the negative new years resolutions that never actually happen group.  Does that ever happen to you?  I don’t want that for these goals! I will not have it! So I am writing about them in December…so they aren’t new years resolutions, even though they kind of are.

1. Get more creative with blog posting.

2. utilize my facebook page better.

3. challenge myself by adding more diversity to my images.

4. get organized.

5. better refine client meetings.

6. save save save.  to the end of purchasing more equipment.

7.  start keeping to-do lists and keep up with them.

I have some others that I will keep tucked safely in my head.  Because if I write them down and then they don’t happen…that is called failure.  And I am not ready for that just yet….

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