New Favorite Candle.

by Lauryn on January 30, 2014 in Personal

Jared and I went shopping several weeks ago and buying a new candle was on our list.  Shopping at Target Tip: Go in with a list.  Always. Don’t go in otherwise.  I mainly wanted a new candle for the Living Room, something simple and pleasing to everyone.  I was on the hunt for a Vanilla one.  Well, cute packaging always gets the best of us and we started just browsing and smelling.  Jared picked this one out and we both really loved the scent… as well as the label.

Thankfully we still love it!  Its a little spicy, sweet, and really light.  Not overpowering at all the way a lot of candles can be.  I keep it in my office and light every few days.  We also got a Vanilla one for the Living Room, but I secretly just love this one the most!!

Do you have a favorite candle?  Have you ever smelled this one?  I think I could buy candles based on labels alone…

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