January Goals

by Lauryn on January 22, 2014 in Business,Personal

We are already more than halfway through January and I haven’t posted my monthly goals!  Ack!  This is definitely a new thing for me and I need to form the habit, so I will give myself a little grace this month. Since there are only 10 days left in the month, these goals will be a bit on the small side.  I want to consistently be making that goals that push me, but that I can actually reach.

Personal January 2014 Goals:

  • Make 5-7 Freezer Meals for after Baby G arrives! 
  • Hang Felt Ball Garland in Nursery
  • Clean Upstairs Bath and Tub
  • Read through Exodus 40 and Psalms 31  (Jared and I are doing the Eat This Book Plan!) 

Business January 2014 Goals:

  • Finish Up 2013 Album Orders/Mail
  • Create Blogging Calendar For February
  • Clean Out Hard Drives
  • Send Off/Clean/Calibrate Half of LGP Gear
What about your January goals?  Have you been able to keep up, or are you just now hoping on the wagon like me? I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s ‘year in review’ type posts.  I love this kind of creative self evaluation and the making of plans.  It’s all very exciting and energizing!