Handmade Christmas.

by Lauryn on December 13, 2011 in Personal

Remember Advent Conspiracy? Well, I think a lot of people can hesitate doing the whole DIY gift thing because they are afraid it won’t look…great. And who wants to give a gift that doesn’t look awesome? No one, thats who. So I did some internet searching and found a bunch of gifts that you could be proud to give someone!

Is making gifts easier than buying them? No. Its harder, and it takes more time. I still think its worth it. You get the fun experience of shopping (for materials) and then you get to spend time crafting something. And THEN, you get to tell people you made it. Their reactions alone are worth it. But, in addition to that, you save some moolah and are able to give some of it away to someone who is dying because unclean water. Amazeballs.

So! Here are some crafty Christmas gifts!!

A rustic, cheery clock! Featured on Design*Sponge.

Dip dyed candles! Featured on Martha Stewart.

A colorful, graphic calendar! Featured on Young House Love.

An eco-friendly dish mat! Featured on Fly Through Our Window.

Dreamy block printed hand towels! Featured on Martha Stewart.

Delicious Vanilla Extract! Featured on Style Me Pretty.

Yummy spices! Featured on Eat at Home Cooks.

And last but not least, a set of happy coasters! Featured on The Cottage Home.

I can’t tell you just yet what Jared and I are making, but I will tell you we are making 80. Wowee! I will share all the details and pictures when its finished!!

Merry Christmas!!