February Goals.

by Lauryn on February 3, 2014 in Business,Personal

I did it! First day of the month!! Woohoo, that’s progress friends!!

January Goal Recap:

Personal January 2014 Goals:

  • Make 5-7 Freezer Meals for after Baby G arrives!
  • Hang Felt Ball Garland in Nursery
  • Clean Upstairs Bath and Tub
  • Read through Exodus 40 and Psalm 31 (Jared and I are doing the Eat This Book Plan!)

Business January 2014 Goals:

  • Finish Up 2013 Album Orders/Mail
  • Create Blogging Calendar For February
  • Clean Out Hard Drives
  • Send Off/Clean/Calibrate Half of LGP Gear

Not too shabby! We haven’t been able to hang the Felt Ball Garland because it hasn’t come yet! Its been “shipped” for over two weeks now and I have emailed the Etsy shop owner about it. Hopefully it gets here soon! I also just realized that my CPS membership expired so I wasn’t able to ship my gear off just yet. That is now a February goal!


February Goals:


  • Have a birth experience I am happy with and a healthy little babe!
  • Cross Off Some Of Our To Do List
  • Make 15 More Freezer Meals
  • Make Jared a Valentine
  • Go Walking a Few More Times Before Baby G Appears
  • Read Through Deuteronomy 13 and Pslam 60


  • Create March Blogging Calendar
  • Keep Up with February Blogging, as best I can
  • Keep Up with Emails
  • Send Off/Clean/Calibrate Half of LGP Gear

February is also going to be a bit light as we will be learning how to be parents! My main goal is to just rest/heal and keep my head above water. If March 1st rolls around and I don’t want to curl into a corner and cry, I will be happy!

What about you?  Anything big happening in February or is it kind of light for you this time of year?  I am really liking posting and reviewing my goals regularly.  It keeps me motivated to do it!