2014 Goal Making.

by Lauryn on January 3, 2014 in Business,Personal

So, after last years Goal *failing* I wanted to make sure that my 2014 Business and Personal goals were challenging, but also attainable.  2014 is going to be a really interesting year for LGP!

Here it goes…


  • Lose weight!  This is probably a really cliche goal, but I will definitely have some weight to shed in 2014.  I am a bridesmaid in a wedding at the end of May (YAY!!!) and I want to feel like myself and not super self conscious standing next to a group of beautiful ladies (other bridesmaids) and my gorgeous friend (the bride!) 
  • Tone up.  2nd cliche goal in under 30 seconds.  Still– losing weight is only part of it.  I want to gain some muscle/strength back that I have lost! 
  • Have a healthy baby!  A lifelong goal, really. 
  • Continue to strengthen and prioritize my marriage.  Another lifer goal. 
  • Start and max out at least 1 IRA for Jared and I. 
  • Live off of 65% of our income. 
  • Get back to my reading list.  When we found out we were pregnant my lofty goals of plowing through 15 books in 12 months were thrown out the window and replaced with read as much about birth, pregnancy, parenthood, and newborn care as possible. 
  • Listen to more live music.  Maybe at a small bar downtown, or hanging out on a big lawn somewhere… Jared and I both miss this. 
  • Clean out Filing Cabinet.
  • Take more, and keep organized, personal pictures.
  • Serve and help launch a new church plant!
  • Read through the entire Bible with Jared.


  • Shoot work I am really proud of and feel challenged by.  I think we all agree that when you become stagnant, your business is moving backwards.  I have been thinking about my style a lot and how I can really make sure I am sticking to that for every image I take. 
  • New camera bag.  This might seem like an easy goal to list but I am TERRIBLE at spending money (i.e. Sample Albums…) so actually purchasing this will be a huge success for me!
  • Serve my clients REALLY well.
  • New lens.  50mm 1.2 or 135mm 2.0?
  • Update branding.  The Big One. 
  • More online blog features on my favorite blogs.
  • Blog (at least) twice a week.
  • Blog things that fall into these categories: Recent Work, Interesting/Inspiring Personal Posts, Interesting/Inspiring Business Posts.
  • Better utilize Facebook Fan Page.

I really like having goals, even though a lot of the time they can fall to the wayside.  Im not one of those people that thinks New Years Resolutions are silly.  I love them.  Even when I fail.  There is something really exciting about a new year.  Its hopeful, promising, and scary.  I feel so energized just writing these out and sharing them with all of you!  2013 wasn’t a stand out year as far as goal reaching, so this year I think I will break things down to monthly goals.  That way I am continuously reviewing year long goals and giving myself short deadlines to keep up with.

Found via Pinterest, if you know the source let me know!

What about you?  Personal goals?  Business goals?  Tell me in the comments!

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