2013 Goal Review

by Lauryn on December 9, 2013 in Business

I don’t really want to write this post. Honestly, I would rather just kind of push it under the rug and not think about it. However, I really believe in honest personal evaluation and to not share it with you would be hypocritical. So, Im going to suck it up and just say it…

I failed at my 2013 Business Goals. Big. Time.

Let’s review…

2013 LGP Business Goals:

  • Consistently Submit Weddings and Engagements for Feature.  I did okay with this in 2012, but only at the end of the year.  I want to consistently be working on getting features. **BONUS GOAL: Print Feature in a National Magazine**
  • Consistently deliver Vendor Images on time. Again, I did okay with this in 2012, but only towards the last half of the year.  I have a good system now so it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Order 2-3 Sample Albums.  1 Engagement, and at least 1 Wedding.  I have a sample album now, but its outdated.  Time to upgrade!
  • Develop 1 New Consistent Blog Series.  I did Handmade Weddings in 2011, and while I loved it and got a lot of feedback, it was costly.  I want a new series that is able to be consistent that doesn’t cost me $50-$100 a week in supplies.  
  • Improve Client Meetings.  I want to make this more personal and fun!
  • Develop A New Day Of Slideshow.  The way Im doing it now works fine, but its not as interactive as I want it to be.  
  • Ideal Day 4 Times a Week.  Determining how well this one goes will be highly personal, but I want to put it out there. 
  • Consider the following and make a decision: +Sites for Clients, Jump Drives, Studio Space, Updating Packaging.  All of these are just ideas, or things I am not sold on.  I will be intentionally making a decision on each one this year. 

Y’all. This is a true shame. We will take it one by one…

  • Consistently Submit Weddings. It’s a little difficult to explain over a blog post why I didn’t succeed at this goal. I was only able to submit 4-5 of the weddings I shot this year. Big fail. Also, that Bonus Goal…nope.
  • Consistently deliver Vendor Images. This might be the only goal that I really “passed.” I can always improve my speed when delivering these images, but this year was a VAST improvement from 2012. I actually submitted images to all Vendors for all 2013 weddings: win!
  • Order 2-3 Sample Albums. Nope, fail. I haven’t ordered a single sample album. I have designed them, but I haven’t clicked purchase. I could explain why (budgeting changed when we found out we were pregnant!) but either way, I still didn’t even order ONE sample album.
  • Develop Consistent Blog Series. Remember Richmond Eats? No? Well, Im shocked! 😉 Turns out going to restaurants during slow hours and trying to confidentally take pretty pictures of the decor and food is not one of my strong suits. I really love editorial restaurant photography, but those people ASKED to take pictures and they were given free reign in the empty restaurant. I basically was a chicken each time we went somewhere and I ultimately decided that wasn’t the best series. Did I develop another one? No. Around the time Richmond Eats faded into the background, we found out I was pregnant and thus began my blogging Dry Spell. Yeesh.
  • Improve Client Meetings. What I wanted to do with this was make a really fun and pretty New Inquiry package to bring to Client Meetings with me, or mail to Potential Clients after Skype dates. I would also bring my new shiny Sample Albums to have them look through while ordered lunch or coffee. I have not upgrade my Potential Client package in this way, and we already talked about Sample Albums…
  • Develop a New Day of Slideshow. I did not do one single day of slideshow this year. And, Im not sure that I even count this as a failure because I never saw the overwhelming positive response that some people say they receive. I may revisit this in 2014.
  • Ideal Day 4 times a week. Pfffffttt. Let’s not even discuss this one, other than to say that being pregnant and ideal days are hard to mix.
  • Consider the following: +Sites for Clients, Jump Drives, Studio Space, Updating Packaging. This one is an almost win. I have made decisions on each of these. The only one that lingers are Jump Drives. I cannot find one that I like that goes with with my brand. I will keep looking.

So, not a complete waste, but definitely not a raging success either.

I think talking through mess ups and failures is a really important part to making change and to getting better.  Forcing myself to look at these goals, and blog about them, has really pumped me up for the 2014 season.  I want to make it better, and I will!   Sometimes focusing on fails in your life or business can bring you down, right?  When I look at these and see where I made mistakes, I also remember to look at my “all the time” goals for LGP:  Capture genuine moments in my Clients lives, make them happy, and support my family.  If I’m hitting those three with each Client, then I am really doing well at the end of the day.  The other goals are important for sure, but my Clients opinion of how well I served them is what will make or break my business.

Because of this years blah goal reaching, you may see some of these pop up again on my list of 2014 goals.   Upgrading Client’s experience is super important  to business growth and I can’t not succeed in this two years in a row!   Of course I know that I am not succeeding by my own standards, but I really want to make some of these a priority for 2014!

How about you?  Did you fail at any goals this year?  Or, did you make 2013 YOUR year and really succeed in a lot of areas?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!