March 2012

Jury Duty

by Lauryn on March 30, 2012 in Highs & Lows

A couple weeks ago I was summoned for Jury Duty starting in May. I have weddings back to back to back starting in May running into July. So, I basically started hyperventilating telling Jared I was ruined, and my brides were going to hate me, and the world was ending around me. He calmly told me we would just write a letter explaining why I was unavailable. He told me people do that sort of thing all the time with vacations and jobs that wont allow them to participate.

Jared wrote the letter for me explaining all the previously booked jobs that were on the line, and even threw in my business card to make it extra official. And then we got this in the mail…

And I felt like I had just won an Olympic Gold Medal. I started jumping up and down like a silly girl I was so relieved! Booyah!! In yo face City of Richmond!!

I think we should frame it… Anyways, here are this week’s highs and lows!


  • Getting out of Jury Duty.
  • Having a letter writing wizard of a Husband.
  • Chelsea’s Wedding is tomorrow! EEEE!!


  • Inchworms. They are everywhere.

Happy Weekending friends! Check FB tomorrow for a peek at the wedding, and another one here on Monday!!


Liz & Adam: Engaged!!

by Lauryn on March 29, 2012 in Couples/Engagements

This is kind of serendipitous story. Liz emailed me on a Friday, and we shot this session on the next Wednesday. You see, Liz and Adam LOVE the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. Its one of their very favorite things, and they envisioned their engagement pictures underneath the branches full of soft pink blossoms. Unfortunately, something came up with their dear friend who was going to be photographing them. Do you see where this is going? You only have a small window with the blossoms. In fact, because of the unusually warm weather this year, the entire festival was moved up a week from its regular time because the trees bloomed early. Liz and Adam were doing everything they could to try and capture these blossoms! And, quite serendipitously, I had an opening on Wednesday. Jared and I drove towards the Tidal Basin at dawn and met up with Liz and Adam. It was a lovely morning, chilly and gray, but that just makes for the most beautiful color on camera. Take a look at some of my favorites…

I LOVED Liz’s unique ring. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Liz you are so beautiful!!

You can just tell how much Adam loves Liz… It was an honor to photograph it!

Arent they SO sweet? I love them!! Cant wait for July!


Yellow Chairs.

by Lauryn on March 28, 2012 in Business

Have you ever heard of Joss and Main? Well, they are an online flash sale site, and Im obsessed. I check it every day, and most recently made a purchase for the client area of my office. Finishing my office is one of my goals this year, remember? Id love to be able to actually meet clients in a space that is branded to me! Next year is the goal for that! I started pinning a few things to an inspiration board, and when I found out the chair I really wanted was on back order, I had to rethink some things. Which brings me back to Joss and Main. Safavieh had a sale with them last week, and these lovely marigold chairs were for sale for less than the chair I had originally wanted. Score. They arrived yesterday, and Im smitten.

They are actually really comfortable too, which is something I had concerns about with the other chair. Basically, I cant stop sitting in them or staring at them. Its love.

I love the slight vintage feel, and the curve of the back. I might just make my potential clients sit on the floor while I sit in the chairs during the meeting. Just kidding, I would let one of them sit in the chairs with me.

Cant wait to share more things as they come in! Although, it seems like everything I like is on backorder. Is this how it always is?


Temperature Tastings.

by Lauryn on March 27, 2012 in Personal

I explained it to you the best way I knew how. I told you that I have bad reactions to extremely hot beverages. You raised your eyebrows in disbelief. I explained further that I have been known to throw up if I burn my tongue on hot coffee. Its like my body is doing whatever it can to repel what just sent a zing of pain racing through my nerves. You raised your eyebrows again, but this time in shock. And so, you tasted my coffee for me to make sure it was the right temperature. Even though I like my coffee milky and sweet, you tasted it, made a face that me told it was perfect, much to your dark, semi sweet coffee loving self.

For the past 5 years you have been temperature testing my coffee for me. Telling me when to wait a few more minutes, and when it was just right. Making sour faces because its too sweet for you. Figuring out ways to make it just the right temperature as soon as you pour it. Cold creamer is the key.

And, while all of that is one of my favorite things about you, the best part, the very best part, is that I know you will be tasting my coffee for all the years to come.


Bridget & Matthew: Wedding Peek!

by Lauryn on March 26, 2012 in Wedding

Iechyd Da!

Cheers in Welsh! More coming soon!


Crazy Cat Lady.

by Lauryn on March 23, 2012 in Highs & Lows

My first wedding of 2012 is tomorrow! I am beyond excited!! Be sure to check FB tomorrow night, and the blog on Monday for some peeks!

Its been a really good week this week. Found the perfect chairs for my office, booked 2 weddings, spent a lot of time with Jared, opened the windows almost every day, and I got to see the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. for the first time. A great week! Here are this weeks Highs and Lows!!


  • The Jefferson Memorial. Ive never seen it up close before and it was just so lovely.
  • I dont live in D.C. I love that.
  • Alley kittens. There are 3 that hang around our house and they are so sweet and funny.


  • D.C. traffic, you stress me out.
  • Ants. We havent sprayed our house yet, and they have taken over the upstairs bathroom! Our cats are enjoying them though…

Im a crazy cat lady. If Jared would let me, I would bring all of them inside with me!! The third one is super shy, I have yet to catch her on camera…Happy Weekending!


Unknown Essentials.

by Lauryn on March 22, 2012 in Business

There are some unsung heros of a wedding day as a photographer, and I wanted to share mine with you today.

1. Deodorant.

Yes, I bring an extra travel size deodorant with me to weddings. Most weddings are in the summer and when I am standing up for 8 hours, its pretty much a given that I am going to sweat. And, sometimes the deodorant you put on that morning isn’t going to hold up until the end of the reception. I also have no shame in the fact that I LOVE Jared’s deodorant.

2. Chocolate.

Sometimes you need a pick me up. And who is better than lifting your spirits than Chocolate? No one really. I like to bring a treat with me, so when I am driving away I can get a little bit of sugar to wake me up, and it makes me feel better. Its just a win-win. Never go to a wedding without a treat for yourself at the end.

3. Hair Ties.

You get ready in the morning, fix your hair, spray it several times for that extra hold, and then you get to the ceremony and its windy, and all of that prep work you did fails you. You like your hair down more, but its better to look put together with your hair up, than falling to pieces with your hair down. Never leave home without a hair tie. Oh, and bobby pins.

4. Tissues.

You want to look professional when you arrive at the reception even though it was 100 degrees during the outdoor ceremony? Well, you might need some tissues. Wipe under your eyes and around your nose and mouth to make sure your makeup isn’t smearing everywhere and to dab up any leftover sweat. You can also use them in a pinch to wipe a smudge off your lens. I do not ever recommend that, but JUST IN CASE.

5. Slippers.

I dont know about you but when I leave the reception, I just want to take off my shoes. Now, you can tease me about this one if you like, but my toes are happy in my fluffy comfy slippers on my drive home. I have driven home barefoot before and it just isn’t as fun. Just leave a pair under your seat and your ride home will be so much more enjoyable!

6. Advil.

At most weddings, I get a head ache at some point. Whether its from dehydration, lack of sugar or food, or my feet just hurting, I always like to bring this with me. That way I am never at the mercy of others when in pain.

Those are 6 things that really help me make it through it each wedding with a happy smile on my face the whole time! Do you have any unknown essentials? Weird or silly ones? Id love to hear about it!


Peek: Liz and Adam!

by Lauryn on March 21, 2012 in Couples/Engagements

Im sorry for the radio silence yesterday, but I am back this morning to share a quick peek of the Sunrise Cherry Blossom session we did this morning!! It was beautiful!

Cant wait to share the rest with you! Next week!


What to Wear.

by Lauryn on March 19, 2012 in Business

As a new photographer, it can be hard to figure out what is appropriate to wear to a wedding. I remember reading countless blog posts trying to figure out the best plan of action. I went with the safest, and most boring route, black. I bought two black dresses, and wore them to almost every wedding last year, and then someone said something to me that rocked my world. They asked, does black represent your brand? Lets take a looksy…

My brand is all about COLOR. Fun, fresh, bright, sweet, and a little bit of sass thrown in there to keep things interesting. Black doesn’t really have a place. But, Lauryn, what if Im shooting a black tie wedding? How am I supposed to wear a fun punchy patterned dress? This is the fun part! Pick a dress that has more elegant details. Some ruffles, more structure, and maybe only one bright color. You can always find a way to represent your brand even if the wedding’s theme doesn’t exactly match. The important part is to showcase yourself well, and to keep it professional. Some people describe it as looking like a well dressed guest of the wedding.

Here are some dresses I am looking at for the coming season by Spool72.

I love each one for different reasons, but I mostly just love that they each have a bit of yellow which is pretty much my go-to color for things! Qualities of a great wedding photographer’s outfit: Not too tight (you need to be able to crouch, kneel, and lift your arms easily), doesn’t show signs of sweat, appropriate neck line and hem line, and a lightweight fabric that breathes. Little tip: If you wear a dress that is a bit flow-ish, and you are worried about the wind, just wear a small pair of bike shorts underneath. They are normally made of a fabric that wicks away moisture and you dont have to worry about flashing the groom’s grandmother.

I just need to find some nice flats (or toms?) and I will be set for the season! I have also figured out a way to wear one of the black dresses from last year, that makes it more me! Reusing clothes for the win! Anyone else have any tips for dressing on wedding day? I’d love to hear ’em!


This might be one of my most favorites posts to date! I have always LOVED looking at my favorite photographers album posts. For some reason they are just SO beautiful to me. They are truly the ultimate keepsake and I would encourage every single bride out there to try and fit one into your budget. They are gorgeous.

Here is my latest sample album, and my first with Leather Craftsmen. I am officially a fan. They have so many options that really represent my brand, like all those colorful japanese book cloth covers! And, they also have lovely leather options, in all kinds of colors and textures. This is the Euro Terra Cotta Leather. Its an 8×8 album, a great size if you cant do a bigger album!

I was so nervous to actually place the order. Its a lot of tiny details that YOU enter into the order sheet coming together to create it! Talk about pressure! But, now that I have done my first one, I am really confident about all the others to come!

The album I chose, and will continue to offer exclusively, is the 3500 Flush Mount. The pages lay flat and the modern design of it is exactly what I am looking for!

I designed the album in SWAT, but I think I will be moving over to Photojunction for future designs. I can have a lot more control over the overall aesthetic. SWAT is a great starting point though for anyone just diving in!!

One of my favorite details of the whole thing is the stamped logo!!

I will definitely be sharing more of these as I order them, and as clients order them! If you need an album company, definitely take a look at Leather Craftsmen!!