Kevin & Stephanie: Married!

by Lauryn on July 21, 2014 in Wedding

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0001

Remember Kevin and Stephanie?  I had the best time during their Cherry Blossom Engagement and I was so excited to be shooting their wedding in June! It was a really perfect day.  Sunny, but not too hot with a nice breeze.  We even were able to have a bit of privacy around the Jefferson Memorial! My favorite part of the day was during the Best Man’s toast.  He talked about how God created marriage and how it is a reflection of our relationship with Christ.  His words were so wise and they filled up my heart.  One reason I love shooting weddings is because it reminds me of the vows Jared and I made to one another 5 years ago.  Enjoy some of my favorites of the day, there are a TON!

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0002

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0003

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0004

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0005

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0006

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0007

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0008

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0009

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0010

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0011

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0012

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0013

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0014

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0015

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0016

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0017

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0018

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0019

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0020

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0021

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0022

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0023

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0024

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0025

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0026

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0027

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0028


Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0029

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0030

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0031

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0032

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0033

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0034

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0035

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0036

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0037

We ran into another Bride and Groom!

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0038

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0039

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0040

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0041

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0042

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0043

Stephanie’s Bridesmaids had tagged along for portraits to help and watch, Steph loved seeing peeks from their phones!!Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0044

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0045

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0046

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0047

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0048

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0049

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0050

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0051

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0052

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0053

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0054

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0055

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0056

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0057

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0058

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0059

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0060

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0061

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0062

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0063

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0064

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0065

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0066

This is Stephanie’s favorite chapter in the Bible and this bible has been in their family for generations! Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0067

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0068

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0069

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0070

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0071

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0072

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0073

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0074

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0075

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0076

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0078

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0079

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0080

Vendor Info:

Ceremony: Resurrection Lutheran Church
Reception: Army Navy Country Club
Coordination/Planning: Ashlee Virginia Events
Videography: George Bucur
Photography: Lauryn Galloway Photography
Florist: Johnson’s Florist
DJ: Astro DJ
Rentals: Something Vintage
Hair and Makeup: Premiere Hair and Makeup
Cake: Amphora Cake


Kevin & Kristen: Married!

by Lauryn on July 8, 2014 in Wedding

This was absolutely the most perfect wedding to start off my season. Happy people, beautiful venue, and perfect weather. Could not have been better! Enjoy some of my very favorites…there are a TON!

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0001

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0002

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0003

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0004

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0005

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0006

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0007

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0008

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0009

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0010

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0011

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0012

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0013

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0014

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0015

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0016

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0017

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0018

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0019

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0020

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0023

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0024

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0025

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0069

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0035

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0026

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0027

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0036

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0028

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0029

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0030

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0031

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0032

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0033

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0034

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0037

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0038

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0039

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0040

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0041

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0042

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0043

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0089

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0048

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0045

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0046

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0049

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0047

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0050

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0052

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0053

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0051

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0054

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0055

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0056

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0057

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0058

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0059

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0060

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0061

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0062

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0063

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0064

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0065

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0066

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0067

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0068

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0070

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0071

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0072

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0073

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0074

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0075

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0076

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0077

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0078

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0079

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0080

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0081

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0082

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0084

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0085

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0086

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0087

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0088

Congratulations Kevin & Kristen!!

Venue: Tuckahoe Plantation
Dress: Bella Rosa Bridal
Shoes: Fibi and Clo
Tux: Men’s Warehouse
Flowers: Floral Praises
Cake: Pearl’s Cupcakes
Hair/Make Up: Ave 42
Ceremony Music: Stephen Clatterbuck
Reception: The Lone Rangers
Caterer: Hazel Ruth, Jeff Ferris
Event rentals: Party Perfect


Family: Jayne & Beckett!

by Lauryn on June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

I really love that pictures are so meaningful to people. I am so thankful for every single picture of I have of my family, even if it’s only one or two of a particular person. I think that pictures reveal something about the people in them. Just a small hint at who they are. When a friend asked me if I would be willing to donate a session to their silent auction benefiting the Richmond Food Bank, I happily said yes! I have donated sessions in the past and I really enjoy doing them.

Meet Jayne and her son Beckett! Jayne won a family session and we had a great evening walking around St. Christopher’s. Beckett attends school there so it was really fitting. He currently is at the lower school campus so he had a good time walking around the “Big School” where he will be very soon!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

Richmond Family Session_0001

Richmond Family Session_0002

Richmond Family Session_0003

Richmond Family Session_0004

Richmond Family Session_0005

Richmond Family Session_0006

Richmond Family Session_0007

Richmond Family Session_0008

Richmond Family Session_0009

Richmond Family Session_0010

Richmond Family Session_0011

Richmond Family Session_0012

Richmond Family Session_0013

Richmond Family Session_0014

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Newborn: Mac!

by Lauryn on June 18, 2014 in Personal

I thought it was about time I shared with you Mac’s Newborn session!

Jared and I were originally going to hire a friend to do these for us, but in the end we couldn’t make it work financially. Some might say that because this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, we should have splurged. I knew that I could do some though even if it wasn’t as wonderful as it would have been had we hired someone. We are so happy with the images we do have! Are there some we wished we had? Absolutely, but we made the best choice for our family at the time and that was to save money and do them as best we could ourselves!


Mac Newborn Session_0002

Mac Newborn Session_0003

Mac Newborn Session_0004

Mac Newborn Session_0005

Mac Newborn Session_0006

Mac Newborn Session_0007

Mac Newborn Session_0008

Mac Newborn Session_0009

Mac Newborn Session_0010

Mac Newborn Session_0011

Mac Newborn Session_0012

Mac Newborn Session_0013

Mac Newborn Session_0015

Mac Newborn Session_0016

Mac Newborn Session_0017

Mac Newborn Session_0018

Mac Newborn Session_0019

Mac Newborn Session_0014

Can’t wait to share his nursery with you! Still a few more things we need to do to call it finished!


1st Mother’s Day.

by Lauryn on May 9, 2014 in Personal

What an exciting moment in life. My first Mother’s Day! We are celebrating a bit on Saturday this year because a friend is getting married on Sunday!

I know this day is not an easy day for everyone, including myself. From strained relationships with your Mom, loss of a child, struggles with infertility, losing your Mom, and more… It can be a hard day. I hope that you are able to find some peace on Sunday.

Being a Mama is hard, but there is a lot of joy to be had in it as well!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! I hope its a great one!

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May Goals.

by Lauryn on May 9, 2014 in Business,Personal

Im so late with this post!!

I think this year has been the fastest feeling year yet. It feels like I blink and there goes another month. Is that what becoming a parent does to you? I don’t think I like it! Spring has been really beautiful this year friends. I think flowers are really lovely, but the Spring trees have stolen my heart. Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, Plum Blossoms… they are all so perfect. I have also really enjoyed seeing our Camellia bush bloom. We got it last year at the end of the season (cheaper!) and they only bloom in the Spring. We had to wait a whole year to see it! The blossoms are so pretty and soft. I want the bush to get so big. We purposefully put it in a corner so it could take over that whole area. Definitely will take a few more years.

Onto April’s Goals…

April’s Success Rate: 63% (Not tooooo terrible.)


  • Read one book for myself. Im going to read Caleb’s Crossing!
  • Get a Haircut. I’ve been wavering…keep it long, or go short again?!
  • Walk 3-4 times a week, weather permitting.
  • Start Jesus Calling Devotional.


  • Blog twice a week.
  • Book 2 more weddings.
  • Send off Non-Essential Gear for Cleaning/Calibrating.
  • Taxes!


May Goals:


  • Read One Book.
  • Walk 3-4 Times A Week, Weather Permitting.
  • Keep Up With Watering Indoor Plants.
  • Mail Mac’s Birth Announcements.
  • Celebrate 2 Friends Marriages!
  • Paint Canvas For Above Mac’s Crib.


  • Sell Canon 40D.
  • 2nd Shoot for Tori REALLY Well.
  • Blog Twice A Week.
  • Book 1 Wedding.
  • Send Off Non-Essential Gear for Cleaning/Calibrating.

I am really excited for May! It’s going to be a really good month. 2 of our dearest friends are getting married. Jared is in one of the weddings, and I am in the other. It’s so fun being a part of a wedding!! Im also excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day! Last year Jared and I were still not pregnant and it was a hard day for me. I knew that God had a plan for us, but in the midst of “the wait” it’s so hard to keep that in the forefront of your mind.

What are you looking forward to in May?

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Mac’s Birth Story.

by Lauryn on April 23, 2014 in Personal

Obligatory Disclaimer:  Birth is very personal.  Please keep that in mind if you would like to comment.  There is a lot of judgement floating around the world of Pregnancy, Birth, and Mothering, and I don’t want to play a part in that.  Birth is also a little…yucky.  I use specific words, so if that isn’t your deal, skip this post.  If you don’t like birth stories, skip this post.  And, lastly, the long version of the story is L-O-N-G. 

The Short of It:

McKinley (Mac) Cooper Galloway

19.5 Inches
6.6 Lbs

Labor started at 4:30 AM.  Contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, stayed that way throughout entire labor.  Water broke at 7:00 AM.  Left for Hospital at 2:40 PM.  In Labor room at 3:15 PM.  Was dilated to 6 centimeters.  Went from 6-10 in 1.5 hours.  Started pushing at 4:50 PM.  Mac was born at 5:05 PM!  Med-free Vaginal delivery.  2nd Degree tear because Mac had a hand over his face.  Healthy babe and healthy Mama!


The Long of It:

I woke up around 4:30 AM with what I thought were contractions.  They were coming pretty close together so I started timing them.  2-3 minutes apart.  They remained 2-3 minutes apart until I was completely dilated and started pushing.  I was too interested in what was happening to fall back asleep.  Around 7 AM I got up to pee and then woke Jared.  I excitedly told him I was in labor.  He asked me questions about what it felt like and we both hoped that the baby would be coming that day.  We also discussed whether he should go to work or not.  I felt a small gush of fluid and ran to the bathroom.  My mucous plug, and a few seconds after that my water started leaking.  It continued to leak for the rest of my labor.   We also immediately knew that Jared would not be going to work that day!  Because my water had broken, we wanted to let the Midwives know.  They said to labor at home until I couldn’t bear it anymore, and to eat and drink as I could.  We labored at home by ourselves until 11:30 AM when we asked our Doula to come.  I took a shower and we cleaned the house!  Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc… I felt good knowing that we would be returning to a clean house!  As I said my contractions continued to be 2-3 minutes apart, but they did start to ramp up in intensity.  At first I would sing the ABC song to distract myself through it, but then I started needing to moan and breathe deeply through them.  I bounced on the ball, and did laps around the kitchen table. Jared and our Doula took turns rubbing my back and hips.  I was happy and making jokes after each contraction.  We checked in with the Midwives.  They listened to me during a contraction and said I was getting close, but since I was so happy between each contraction to wait a bit longer before coming in.  I started to doze off in between contractions so our Doula suggested we lay in the bed for a while.

Something about walking up the stairs and hoisting myself onto our very high bed CHANGED my labor.  Almost immediately I knew things were getting real.  I tried to do one more contraction in the bed, but quickly started shouting that we needed to head to the hospital.  I started to daze out in between contractions.  I didn’t want to talk or be touched.  Laborland!  I had several contractions before we were headed to the hospital.  I’m sure our neighbors were worried because I was loud and I couldn’t care less who heard me!  We left our house at about 2:40 PM and arrived at the hospital by 3:00 PM.  I had so many contractions in the parking deck, elevator (where I tried to be somewhat quiet for others sake!) and walking to Labor and Delivery.  I just clung to Jared through each one. I remember being SO irritated at the check in.  I had to sign so many things and answer so many questions.  We were in our labor room by 3:15 PM.  Trying to work through contractions while one nurse monitored the baby, another nurse was taking my vitals, the anesthesiologist was explaining all the risks of an epidural should I ask for one, etc, etc… I wanted to punch all of them! Finally I was allowed to get in the shower.  I labored in there while they filled up the tub for me.  They checked me in the shower and I was 6 centimeters.  I was making a ton of noise and everyone kept reminding me to keep it low.  SO difficult!  I remember yelling back at one point, “I’M TRYING!!!”  I got in the tub, which was really nice because I was able to relax into the water between contractions.  Our Doula and Jared took turns spraying my back with hot water.  There were handicap bars all around the tub and when I would feel a contraction coming on, I would get up on my knees and pull down on the bar as hard as I could.  You never know what you’re going to want to do I guess!  My arms and chest muscles were sore for days after! My body started pushing contractions and I would yell, “I’m pushing!”  The MW would tell me that that was the baby moving farther down the birth canal.  At one point I was convinced the baby was going to fly out of me so the MW told me to reach down and see if I could feel the baby’s head.  I couldn’t which made me feel a lot better.

When the MW checked me again she felt a lip on my cervix.  I had dilated to 9 centimeters so she wanted to try to push it out of the way.  I got out of the tub and onto the bed.  She pushed on the lip of my cervix through 2 contractions and that was the worst pain I have ever felt.  Ever. There was no control, I was screaming.  She wasn’t able to get it to budge so back into the tub I went.  Shortly after I started yelling, “This baby is coming right now I swear it’s coming!”  They had me get out of the tub and onto the bed again.  I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing!  I started pushing at 4:50 PM.  I had dilated from 6 to 10 in 1.5 hours! I pushed through about 4-5 contractions.  I kept waiting to feel the ring of fire.  I also kept asking the MW if I was making any progress.  I was terrified of having to push for hours.  She assured me I was doing really well and I told her not to lie to me.  She used her hands to show me how much of the baby’s head she could see.  All the nurses thought this was great progress, but I remember despairingly telling them I didn’t think that was very much at all.  They, of course, laughed at me.  They also kept commenting on how much hair the baby had.  Jared held one of my legs, and the Doula held the other while I clenched the bed sheet in my hands.  Pushing was so hard, even though I seemed to be doing well.  I jokingly say that years of constipation prepared me for pushing! Finally I felt the ring of fire.  Needless to say I was screaming through that contraction.  The next contraction I decided to push longer and harder than I had been because I wanted that baby out!  The MW told me to reach down and feel the baby.  I said no, and then she said, “Yes!  Reach down and grab your baby!” I sat up slightly and grabbed our baby and pulled him onto my belly.  WHAT SWEET RELIEF.  We were Team Green so Jared picked up a little leg and knowingly said, “It’s a boy” and kissed me.  He was born at 5:05 PM.  He didn’t start crying right away and was pretty blue so the NICU nurses were rubbing him vigorously and suctioning his mouth.  He started to let out whimpers so we knew he was okay.   Jared cut the cord and I delivered the placenta.  Felt just like everyone says it does…Jell-O.  I had a 2nd degree tear because he came out with his hand covering his face!  His nose and upper lip were bruised for a few days from it.   Jared took a few pictures of him on my chest and then went out to tell our family!


We are so thankful that we were able to have a med-free birth like we had hoped for and a healthy baby like we had prayed for!  We are also incredibly glad that we made the choice to hire a Doula.  She was invaluable to us!  She knew exactly what we needed at every step of the way.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comment section, or feel free to email me!


Let’s Revisit: Getting Ready!

by Lauryn on April 17, 2014 in Wedding

Let’s Revisit is a mini-series I am doing “revisiting” popular wedding photographer blog topics that I have not covered in quite some time.  It’s time for a refresher! 

Today I want to talk about a part of the wedding day that for the most part doesn’t get much thought.  Or, the thought it does get, is not sufficient or thorough.  Where you get ready and dressed for your wedding day…matters.  It matters for the Groom too!  Most of the time when Brides and Grooms think through where they will get ready, they think about proximity to the Ceremony, cost, and what the location means to them.  Proximity to the Ceremony space is an important one!  You don’t want to waste 30-60 minutes of your Day of Timeline driving all over the place.  Cost is also very important.  Let’s be frank: Weddings are expensive.  Even when you plan a smaller budget wedding, things are costly!! And, lastly the meaning of the location to the couple holds a lot of weight, as it should.  Getting ready at home, or a friends home is very special!  However, even though all of those things are very important, I would say there are a couple things that are more important.  I am biased because I look at this from a photographer’s perspective, but its truly out of care for my clients.  I want to deliver stunning images, and not just stunning images of the Ceremony, Reception, and Portraits, but the entire day.  That’s why it matters to really think through where you will be getting ready!

Getting Ready Location Matters_0006
David and Connie


It has been said that a photographer’s main tool is not their camera, but light.  I agree with this.  Photographer’s are manipulators of light!  This is the number 1 priority when choosing a Getting Ready location.  Is there beautiful and plentiful light?  Without it, your photographer will have a harder time delivering those stunning images.  Tungsten and Florescent light do not count.  Natural light is best and the most flattering! You need windows or doors, or a private outdoor area!

Getting Ready Location Matters_0008
Brandon and Jessica


This is the 2nd most important bit.  If you are having an outdoor/country/barn wedding, why would you get ready in a hotel room?  Continuity between venues will allow your photographer to capture moments that are really representative of the day.  If you are having a barn wedding, consider a quaint Bed and Breakfast instead of a hotel room.  If you are having a beach wedding, consider renting a pretty beach cottage.  If you are having a modern city wedding, go for the hotel room.  Old city architecture wedding?  Get some rooms at a gorgeous 100 year old inn.  Your photographer will be photographing your details during this time as well.  So, if you’re having a vintage wedding and there is nothing vintage around to use for your necklace photograph, it’s not going to make a ton of sense image wise.  This piece is especially important if you are ordering an album!  You want the whole day to coordinate well together!

Getting Ready Location Matters_0003
Trace and Natalie


This really depends on your wedding party and how many family members will be with you while you get ready.  Having 20 plus people with you?  Don’t book 1 room at the B&B, book the master suite.  And, don’t forget that your photographer is going to be there as well; probably with a lot of gear to boot!  He/She will need room to move around the space to capture candid moments and to really photograph the over all feel.  They will not be able to do this if they are relegated to standing in one corner while you slip into your dress!

Getting Ready Location Matters_0005
Mark and Tegan


Maybe the space doesn’t meet one or more of the criteria listed above, including cost, location, and meaning.  What do you do?  If you love a certain place but it’s an hour away, consider hiring your photographer for an extra hour that day.  Found the perfect place, but it’s too costly?  Consider cutting the budget somewhere else.  Your parents want you to get ready at home with them?  Clean out a bedroom, replace bed linens, remove clutter and unnecessary furniture, and make sure there is plenty of light.  Or maybe the perfect place doesn’t have a lot of light?  Make sure you are okay with images that have more grain and a moodier feel.  Your photographer may give you a lot of black and whites!  Have to get ready in the church’s nursery rooms even though you are having your wedding in a field?  Bring some props to the room with you so your photographer can still create continuity in your images.  An old chair, some extra lace, leftover flowers, etc… Can’t afford the honeymoon suite at the hotel to accommodate all your family that wants to be with you while you get dressed?  Consider having them come after you are dressed for a big reveal!  Unless you have unlimited resources and book things so far in advance, chances are you will have to compromise in some way.  Make a priority list, and go from there!

Getting Ready Location Matters_0007
Mark and Ashley

Picking the right place to get ready can really change the way your entire wedding day feels, especially through your images.  Photography is one of the most important parts of the day, and maybe even one of the most expensive.  Make sure you have done everything you can to help your photographer capture the full story of your day! Those images are forever!


Weekly Pregnancy Pictures!

by Lauryn on April 11, 2014 in Personal

Wow.  What a project!

When Jared and I found out I was pregnant, we quickly started talking about taking a weekly picture to document the pregnancy.  We wanted to do something that was somewhat unique, and we wanted to do something that we could actually do.  We started on Week 11.  Before that I was really afraid to own my pregnancy.  Getting pregnant is a miracle.  Growing a baby (any number of hours/days/weeks) is a miracle.  Birthing a baby is a miracle.  So, I was afraid of starting this series.  I knew very well that this was a gift, and we weren’t guaranteed anything.   Jared convinced me it was time though, and I consented.

We drove around The Fan one day, up and down many alleys.  I had this image in my head of where I wanted to take my picture each week.  I wanted a cool door.  We picked out a few that we liked and then were finally able to narrow it down to just one.  I love that door, and I am so glad we chose it!

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures Lauryn Galloway_0001There were a few things that made this difficult for me.  One, I don’t have that many clothes.  My parents were so gracious and generous to me and bought me maternity clothing for my birthday.  I loved everything we picked out, and Im sad I don’t get to wear them anymore!  However, when you are taking a weekly picture, you don’t really want to wear the same thing twice, and certainly not the same outfit twice.  Unless, of course, you are wearing the same outfit in EVERY picture.  I am no fashionista and I had to come up with 30 different ensembles!  Even when I wore the same article a few times, I tried to be mindful of switching it up a bit.  I also tried to do my hair differently throughout the process.  Not something different each week, but I tried to throw in variety!  The other difficult part?  After a certain point, you think you don’t even care anymore about the pictures.  At least, that’s how I felt.  I can’t remember what week it was, but at some point I really didn’t want to do the project anymore!  I rarely get all dolled up, and so it was a big production each week on picture day! I am so thankful that Jared made me stick it out though.  Here are some of my favorites…

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures Lauryn Galloway_0005

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures Lauryn Galloway_0006 Weekly Pregnancy Pictures Lauryn Galloway_0008Weekly Pregnancy Pictures Lauryn Galloway_0010

First and last picture!

Weekly Pregnancy Pictures Lauryn Galloway_0004

We weren’t able to take my Week 39 picture!  I went into labor on Tuesday and we were planning on taking my picture that Wednesday.  Im also bummed because I really wanted to take a picture right before we headed to the hospital.  However, once it was time for us to head to the hospital, NO WAY was I in a picture taking mood.  We should have done it right away!  Mamas-to-be, take note!  Take a picture the moment you know you are in true labor!!

I am hoping to order an album with a picture on each page.  Maybe for my birthday or Christmas?

**I also wrote out my birth story, but I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in reading that on here!  I loved reading them, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  So, if you would like to read it, I am happy to share!  Shoot me an email or leave a comment! :-) 


Blogging Calendar

by Lauryn on April 9, 2014 in Business

One of my business goals each month is going to be mapping out my blogging for the following month.  I have no skills in PS and so I went to Pinterest to find a pretty, blank, printable calendar to use for the year.  I was so delighted to find this one.  Isn’t it great?

Blogging Calendar Lauryn Galloway Photography_0003

I printed it out on some 60 lb. card stock and will hang it above my desk each month with some cute washi tape.   I try to keep a running list of ideas of blogging material in my day planner.   Since the printable is going to be displayed, I plan on writing out each day on a scrap piece of paper to organize everything and then transferring the final ideas onto the Calendar.  Another idea I had was to place the printable in a frame each month and use a skinny dry erase marker to write out what I want to blog!  I might switch things up if I feel like the process/display isn’t working for me, but for now I am excited about it!

How do you keep up with blogging?  Does it just flow naturally from you week to week?  Or, do you like to have it all planned out?


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