Trevor & Brittany: Married!

by Lauryn on January 23, 2015 in Wedding

It’s been a while!! I still want to share some of my favorite images from 2014 weddings though, so we are picking back up after Andy and Amy.

Trevor and Brittany had an intimate wedding followed by a big party!  The day was calm and relaxing, everything they wanted and needed.  Their friends and family gathered around them in prayer and solidarity during the ceremony, lifting their hands towards them.  Its was beautiful and touching!  Guests were able to enjoy the beautiful grounds of Rust Manor right up until the first dance when the sky opened up and poured.  It timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0001 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0002 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0003 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0004 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0005 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0006 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0007 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0008 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0009 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0010 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0011 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0012 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0013 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0014 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0015 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0016 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0017 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0018 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0019 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0020 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0021 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0022 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0023 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0024 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0025 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0026 Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0027

Huge thanks to Erin Forehand for shooting this one with me!


Andy & Amy: Married!

by Lauryn on August 26, 2014 in Wedding

Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0001

What a beautiful day this was!!  The church alone was so inspiring, we could have shot there all day long! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from Amy and Andy’s wedding day.  City weddings are the best!!Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0002 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0003 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0004 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0005 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0006 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0007 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0008 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0009 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0010
Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0012 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0013 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0014 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0015 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0016 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0017 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0018 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0019 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0020 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0021 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0022 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0023 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0024 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0025 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0026 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0027 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0028 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0029 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0030 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0031 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0032 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0033 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0034 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0035 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0036 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0037 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0038 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0039 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0040 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0041 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0042 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0043 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0044 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0045 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0046 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0047 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0048 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0049 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0050 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0051 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0052 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0053 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0054 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0055 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0056 Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0057
Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0058
Monumental Church Wedding Richmond VA_0059


Our Home: Mac’s Room

by Lauryn on August 18, 2014 in Personal

Friends, do you remember when I gave you a peek of the nursery? February 4th, Mac’s birthday!! I had scheduled that post for later in the week, but since it was a poll to guess the sex of the baby and I went into labor that morning, I had to bump it up.  We recently hung the curtains and the room was clean so I figured it was a good time to take some photos to share with you!

Here are the scary Before’s:

Nursery Before_0001 Nursery Before_0002 Nursery Before_0003 Nursery Before_0004And now the pretty After’s:

Mac Room Reveal_0001

There are a couple small things that I want to do still, but the room is what I would call finished! Mac Room Reveal_0002

When we were thinking about this room, we had to design it around the fact that we didn’t know if it would be a boy or girl.  We intentionally left a few things undone so we could add anything gender specific if we wanted to.  We wanted the room to feel more like a kid’s play room than a nursery and we wanted it to be overall gender neutral.  We are so happy with how it came together!Mac Room Reveal_0003 Mac Room Reveal_0004 Mac Room Reveal_0005 Mac Room Reveal_0006 Mac Room Reveal_0007 Mac Room Reveal_0008 We read a few stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible every day.  Even if Mac won’t sit still for an actual “story” I will read it to him while he plays with another toy.  I love this Children’s Bible so much.  I love to just read it for myself.  Its so encouraging and helping me remember all the stories that I haven’t read in a while.  Mac Room Reveal_0009 Mac Room Reveal_0010 Mac Room Reveal_0011 Mac Room Reveal_0012 Mac Room Reveal_0013The wall of ledges/toys is directly across from the windows, if that helps your orient yourself in the room a bit.


Rug: Target
Crib: Ikea Gulliver Crib
Crib Sheet: Land of Nod
Dresser: Craigslist
Diaper Pail: Simple Human Trash Can
Map: Craigslist
Shelves: DIY
Side Table: DIY
Pear Canvas: DIY
Felt Ball Garland: Etsy
Giraffe: Melissa and Doug
Shelf items: Target, Franklin Goose, Ikea, World of Mirth, Babies R Us, Gifts from Family/Friends.
Pouf: Land of Nod
Glider: Best Chairs, Storytime Series Quinn in Oatmeal.
Paint: Manchester Tan, Benjamin Moore


Eric & Leigh Anne: Married!

by Lauryn on July 31, 2014 in Wedding

I am almost certain this is my longest post to date.  To say that I loved this wedding would be a gross understatement.  Let me count the ways…in the city, simple classic details, beautiful florals, delicious food, rockin’ DJ and dance floor, and the most wonderful sweet people.  Eric and Leigh Anne are a light and I am beyond thankful to have gotten to know them and capture this day for them.  They are the kind of people that you want to BE in their circle, ya know? I could do this day all over again.  Enjoy some (read: loads) of my favorites!

VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0001 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0002 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0003 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0004 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0005 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0006 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0007 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0008 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0009 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0010 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0011 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0012 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0013 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0014 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0015 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0016 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0017 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0018 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0019 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0020 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0021 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0022 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0023 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0024 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0025 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0027 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0028 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0029 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0030 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0031 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0032 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0033 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0034 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0035 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0036 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0037 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0038 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0039 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0040 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0041 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0042 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0043 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0044 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0045 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0046 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0047 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0048 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0049 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0050 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0051 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0052 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0053 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0054 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0055 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0056 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0057 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0058 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0059 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0060 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0061 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0062 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0063 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0064 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0065 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0066 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0067 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0068 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0069 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0070 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0071 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0072 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0073 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0074 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0075 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0076 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0077 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0078 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0079 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0080 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0081 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0082 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0083 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0084 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0085 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0086 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0087 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0088 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0089 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0090 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0091 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0092 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0093 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0094 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0095 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0096 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0097 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0098 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0099 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0100 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0101 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0102 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0103 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0104 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0105 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0106 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0107 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0108 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0109 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0110 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0111 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0112 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0113 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0114 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0115 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0116 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0117 VA War Memorial Richmond VA Wedding_0118


Audio:Derek Tobler
Cake: Family friend
Catering: White House Catering & Old City Bar
Church: St. Mark’s Episcopal
Coordinator: Stephanie McDonald
Photography: Lauryn Galloway (fist bump to my awesome friend and 2nd Shooter: Sarah Goodwin!)
Reception: Virginia War Memorial
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Tent & fans: Party Perfect

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Top 5 Newborn Items

by Lauryn on July 29, 2014 in Personal

When I was pregnant I loved looking at lists.  I wanted to feel prepared and looking at what others had suggested was so intriguing to me.  Some of it made perfect sense, some items seemed ridiculous, and some were surprising.  I thought I would share 5 items that I think most all parents would benefit from. Truly I think these items will make those first 3 months go better than they would without them.

Jared and I are pretty simplistic.  Our house is not large, and with it being almost 100 years old, we have 2 closets. When making this short list, I wanted the items to be something every parent could really use.  The truth is you do not need much.  
Let’s save the best for last and start with #5…


The 5 S’s.  You will figure out quickly which one(s) your baby likes.
1. Swaddle
Babies love to be swaddled. Most all of them love to be swaddled all the way up to their neck. Some babies prefer an arm out, or both out. Try swaddling completely first, and if they fight it after several tries, pop an arm out.
2. Side
Hold the baby like a football perpendicularly to the floor, or parallel with the floor on their belly.
3. Shush
This one (and swaddling) are like magic. Shhhhhh REALLY LOUDLY directly into your baby’s ear.
4. Swing/Sway
Hold the baby however you can/like and swing your body back and forth or sway side to side.
5. Suck
Either on a paci, finger, or the direct food source!

swaddle 2Aden and Anais swaddle blankets may seem a little pricey but they are SO worth it. Have a nurse to teach you how at the hospital.  Wrap that baby TIGHT.  If you have a houdini, but you know they sleep better and feel better with a swaddle, do the double swaddle.  Swaddle in the blanket, and them zip them into the Woombie. We swaddled Mac for sleeping until he was about 4 months old.

Ahhhh the Sound Machine.  This one is crucial.  For the baby, and maybe even more so for you.  If you are taking shifts with your husband or wife, having the sound machine on while the off duty parent sleeps will help them to actually SLEEP.  They won’t hear the crying!  It will also help you sleep while the baby is sleeping.  Babies make a lot of weird noises at first.  It may sound like they are choking, but they aren’t. They are just adjusting to breathing outside the womb. c26-B0045I6IAO-2-l

Even if you are breastfeeding, get a paci.  I know all the books tell you to not do this.  JUST in case, have one on hand.  14583529_201306281120

My NUMBER ONE baby item: the Rock n Play.  GET THEE A ROCK N PLAY! There are no negatives here.  It’s lightweight.  Its super portable.  It collapses for easy storage.  It keeps the baby upright for sleeping to help reduce reflux.  You can rock it with your foot.  Some of them have a vibration button.  Its a safe place to put the baby down while you try to brush your teeth.  Its affordable.  Mac slept in this for the first 6 weeks.  We did a slow transition to the crib, but we still use it to this day!  If I need to do the dishes, Mac goes in the RnP.  If I need to pee, RnP.

Bonus item!!43585042707493p_isSleep gowns (or Footed Zip Up Sleepers) with hand flaps.  These make diaper changes so easy!  The hand flaps are essential because trying to cut a newborn’s nail is like playing Operation. If you can’t find enough clothes with hand flaps, use baby socks in a pinch!

So there you have it, my Top 5 Newborn Items (with a Bonus!)  Agree?  Disagree? I hope this is helpful to someone out there!


Kevin & Stephanie: Married!

by Lauryn on July 21, 2014 in Wedding

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0001

Remember Kevin and Stephanie?  I had the best time during their Cherry Blossom Engagement and I was so excited to be shooting their wedding in June! It was a really perfect day.  Sunny, but not too hot with a nice breeze.  We even were able to have a bit of privacy around the Jefferson Memorial! My favorite part of the day was during the Best Man’s toast.  He talked about how God created marriage and how it is a reflection of our relationship with Christ.  His words were so wise and they filled up my heart.  One reason I love shooting weddings is because it reminds me of the vows Jared and I made to one another 5 years ago.  Enjoy some of my favorites of the day, there are a TON!

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0002

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0003

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0004

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0005

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0006

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0007

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0008

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0009

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0010

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0011

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0012

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0013

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0014

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0015

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0016

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0017

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0018

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0019

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0020

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0021

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0022

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0023

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0024

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0025

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0026

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0027

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0028


Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0029

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0030

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0031

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0032

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0033

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0034

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0035

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0036

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0037

We ran into another Bride and Groom!

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0038

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0039

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0040

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0041

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0042

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0043

Stephanie’s Bridesmaids had tagged along for portraits to help and watch, Steph loved seeing peeks from their phones!!Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0044

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0045

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0046

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0047

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0048

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0049

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0050

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0051

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0052

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0053

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0054

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0055

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0056

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0057

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0058

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0059

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0060

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0061

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0062

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0063

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0064

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0065

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0066

This is Stephanie’s favorite chapter in the Bible and this bible has been in their family for generations! Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0067

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0068

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0069

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0070

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0071

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0072

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0073

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0074

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0075

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0076

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0078

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0079

Army Navy Club Wedding DC_0080

Vendor Info:

Ceremony: Resurrection Lutheran Church
Reception: Army Navy Country Club
Coordination/Planning: Ashlee Virginia Events
Videography: George Bucur
Photography: Lauryn Galloway Photography
Florist: Johnson’s Florist
DJ: Astro DJ
Rentals: Something Vintage
Hair and Makeup: Premiere Hair and Makeup
Cake: Amphora Cake


Kevin & Kristen: Married!

by Lauryn on July 8, 2014 in Wedding

This was absolutely the most perfect wedding to start off my season. Happy people, beautiful venue, and perfect weather. Could not have been better! Enjoy some of my very favorites…there are a TON!

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0001

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0002

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0003

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0004

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0005

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0006

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0007

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0008

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0009

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0010

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0011

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0012

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0013

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0014

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0015

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0016

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0017

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0018

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0019

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0020

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0023

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0024

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0025

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0069

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0035

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0026

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0027

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0036

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0028

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0029

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0030

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0031

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0032

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0033

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0034

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0037

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0038

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0039

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0040

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0041

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0042

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0043

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0089

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0048

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0045

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0046

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0049

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0047

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0050

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0052

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0053

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0051

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0054

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0055

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0056

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0057

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0058

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0059

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0060

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0061

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0062

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0063

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0064

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0065

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0066

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0067

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0068

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0070

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0071

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0072

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0073

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0074

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0075

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0076

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0077

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0078

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0079

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0080

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0081

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0082

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0084

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0085

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0086

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0087

Summer Tuckahoe Plantation Wedding Virginia_0088

Congratulations Kevin & Kristen!!

Venue: Tuckahoe Plantation
Dress: Bella Rosa Bridal
Shoes: Fibi and Clo
Tux: Men’s Warehouse
Flowers: Floral Praises
Cake: Pearl’s Cupcakes
Hair/Make Up: Ave 42
Ceremony Music: Stephen Clatterbuck
Reception: The Lone Rangers
Caterer: Hazel Ruth, Jeff Ferris
Event rentals: Party Perfect


Family: Jayne & Beckett!

by Lauryn on June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

I really love that pictures are so meaningful to people. I am so thankful for every single picture of I have of my family, even if it’s only one or two of a particular person. I think that pictures reveal something about the people in them. Just a small hint at who they are. When a friend asked me if I would be willing to donate a session to their silent auction benefiting the Richmond Food Bank, I happily said yes! I have donated sessions in the past and I really enjoy doing them.

Meet Jayne and her son Beckett! Jayne won a family session and we had a great evening walking around St. Christopher’s. Beckett attends school there so it was really fitting. He currently is at the lower school campus so he had a good time walking around the “Big School” where he will be very soon!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

Richmond Family Session_0001

Richmond Family Session_0002

Richmond Family Session_0003

Richmond Family Session_0004

Richmond Family Session_0005

Richmond Family Session_0006

Richmond Family Session_0007

Richmond Family Session_0008

Richmond Family Session_0009

Richmond Family Session_0010

Richmond Family Session_0011

Richmond Family Session_0012

Richmond Family Session_0013

Richmond Family Session_0014

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Newborn: Mac!

by Lauryn on June 18, 2014 in Personal

I thought it was about time I shared with you Mac’s Newborn session!

Jared and I were originally going to hire a friend to do these for us, but in the end we couldn’t make it work financially. Some might say that because this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, we should have splurged. I knew that I could do some though even if it wasn’t as wonderful as it would have been had we hired someone. We are so happy with the images we do have! Are there some we wished we had? Absolutely, but we made the best choice for our family at the time and that was to save money and do them as best we could ourselves!


Mac Newborn Session_0002

Mac Newborn Session_0003

Mac Newborn Session_0004

Mac Newborn Session_0005

Mac Newborn Session_0006

Mac Newborn Session_0007

Mac Newborn Session_0008

Mac Newborn Session_0009

Mac Newborn Session_0010

Mac Newborn Session_0011

Mac Newborn Session_0012

Mac Newborn Session_0013

Mac Newborn Session_0015

Mac Newborn Session_0016

Mac Newborn Session_0017

Mac Newborn Session_0018

Mac Newborn Session_0019

Mac Newborn Session_0014

Can’t wait to share his nursery with you! Still a few more things we need to do to call it finished!


1st Mother’s Day.

by Lauryn on May 9, 2014 in Personal

What an exciting moment in life. My first Mother’s Day! We are celebrating a bit on Saturday this year because a friend is getting married on Sunday!

I know this day is not an easy day for everyone, including myself. From strained relationships with your Mom, loss of a child, struggles with infertility, losing your Mom, and more… It can be a hard day. I hope that you are able to find some peace on Sunday.

Being a Mama is hard, but there is a lot of joy to be had in it as well!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! I hope its a great one!

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